Potli Massage is an exceptional Massage. It takes the use of Ayurvedic Herbs. In our chain of Parlors, we offer such an Ayurvedic Massage with the name, “Potli Massage.” This type of Massage has earned a significant reputation in Hyderabad. The Ayurvedic Herbs are blended. These are Fresh. At times, these are fresh, but dried. At the same time, the Ayurvedic mixture might comprise the blend of Dried and Fresh Herbs.

We should know the uses of the Potli Massage. Such a Massage cures the Spondylitis. Additionally, it also heals Osteoarthiritis. Moreover, it is a remedy for Frozen shoulders. Beyond this, it can cure the Rheumatoid Arthritis. Furthermore, it augments the Blood circulation. This type of Massage has similar features to the the Deep Tissue and the Swedish Massage. At the same time, it reduces Inflammation and Pain. Adding to this, this massage imparts flexibility.

There is a significant feature of our Massage parlors. We offer this Massage to women who are vulnerable to Osteoporosis. Such women are generally above their 30’s. There is a speciality of the Blue Nectar Ayurvedic Potli. It peaks the Blood circulation level. It fetches more blood to the application site. This type of Potli is also a cure for Muscle soreness. It heals the Muscle spasms. In a nutshell, it acts as a Muscle stiffness reliever.

Potlis comprise pouches. There are different herbs in the Potli such as Turmeric, Alsi, Nirgundi and Neem Patra. Moreover, these herbs reduce the Chronic pain. Additionally, these pouches bring down the myriad pains in the Joints. Beyond this, Potlis reduce the Back pain. The effect is understood only in the hot state.

Heated Potlis help in Energy transfer. As a result, the body pores open. This is a complete process. In turn, there is a relaxation. The Ayurvedic herbs increase the relaxation level. However, the usage of Ayurvedic Herbs is yet a myth. It is in reality a boon. Come down and experience such an Ayurvedic Massage.